Motor vehicle license plates for retired and disabled military or Distinguished Flying Cross recipients change in 2018

REMINDER: The Alabama Department of Revenue announced a redesign of motor vehicle license plates for retired military personnel, including disabled veterans and recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross. The redesign coincides with a new process for purchasing those license plates, effective
January 1, 2018.

1. All owners of military license plates will be issued new physical plates in 2018.

2. You must advise the Revenue Commission office of your respective branch of service to be printed on your license plate.

3. These plates are ordered directly from Montgomery; at renewal time, you will receive a temporary license plate to use until your new physical plate arrives from Montgomery.

The Cullman Revenue Commission has mailed letters to retired and disabled military personnel each month per this transition in process.

For more information on this office visit For more information on the state’s license plate redesign, visit…/lice…/military-license-plates/.

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