2019 Tax Notice Update:

We’ve had hundreds of calls and visits since the 2019 tax notices were mailed, and for all the kind words of understanding, we thank you. Sometimes printing errors happen, and since we’re taxpayers too, we understand how worrisome can be.

Here’s a quick update and additional information for your review. As always, we want to talk with you, and though the phone lines are incredibly busy right now, you can always check here, Facebook, or via telephone again. Thank you for your patience. More Q & A will be added as new questions come in.

Q) How will my mortgage company know the right amount to pay?
A) All mortgage companies do their own research (via www.cullmanrevenuecommissioner.com) for parcels they have financed. No notices are ever mailed to mortgage companies as the website was designed to meet their needs.

The correct 2019 taxes have been available for both customers and mortgage companies to review since AUGUST 2019, about six weeks in advance of the courtesy reminder mailings. Most mortgage companies pay their customers’ taxes in late October to late November.

Q) Why am I seeing two different amounts on my notice?
A) While printing the courtesy notices, our printing company simply pulled the wrong data field for the “amount due” field on properties with homestead values. Notices for non-homestead or non-abatement properties were not affected.

While rarely are printing mistakes made, they do occasionally happen. Rest assured, only the printed summary values are incorrect.

Q) I already mailed my check for the wrong amount. What now?
A) The Cullman Revenue Commissioner cannot accept overpayment of taxes or hold excess for subsequent years. Any check received for an amount higher than what’s actually due will result in a refund of the excess amount paid.

Q) Are property taxes incorrect in your system?
A) No, absolutely not. Taxes were calculated correctly. This issue was a printing error only. Our staff is happy to work with any customer who wants to review his or her taxes, and you may look at your taxes via www.cullmanrevenuecommissioner.com.

Q) Why didn’t you announce the problem sooner?
A) As soon as we were made aware of the problem on October 7, this office began making calls and public announcements via this site and the Revenue Commissioner’s website. Further, local and state media broadcast news of the print error later that same day.