May 8 marks "Victory in Europe Day" anniversary

May 8, 1945 officially marked the end of the European portion of WWII, allowing the U.S. and its allies to declare May 8 V-E Day, or “Victory in Europe Day.” Because of the sacrifices of many, many men and women from around the world, including many from Cullman, millions of people enjoy enduring freedoms and privileges, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Cullman veterans who served in Europe returned home to become integral parts of the community and provided countless hours and resources to Cullman County.  The Cullman Revenue Commissioner and his staff express our sincere gratitude to the Cullman soldiers and their families who sacrificed so much to keep America free.

Articles around the Internet today commemorate this historic occasion. One of the best photo galleries of V-E Day celebrations can be seen here: Other historical content is available at