October brings busy days for motor vehicle and property owners

Motor vehicle owners whose last names begin with the letters U, V, W, X, Y, or Z and commercial, trucks, and fleets are due to renew their license plates in October.

Annual property taxes for real and business personal property are due October 1 and payable with no interest or penalties through December 31.

Alabama tax officials send annual courtesy reminders of property taxes due and monthly reminders of car tag renewals. These courtesy notices are typically mailed the last day of the month for the next month’s renewals or the last day of September for annual property taxes.

**All Cullman courtesy reminders scheduled for delivery October 1 have been delayed due to a problem at the print facility. This has affected not only Cullman County courtesy reminders, but also many of the counties in Alabama (as well as most of Mississippi). Please be advised that courtesy notices will be mailed as soon as possible.**