How to calculate property taxes

Property taxes vary depending on a property’s use as owner-occupied or non-owner-occupied. Within owner-occupied property—used exclusively for the owner’s private and personal use—there are additional factors, such as homestead exemptions. A homestead applies only to an owner’s primary residence and up to 160 acres of adjoining property. An owner may not have a homestead on more than one home when he or she owns multiple homes. A vacant property does not qualify for a homestead exemption.  

  • H1 is a standard homestead exemption.
  • H2: is a homestead that may be claimed by homeowners who are age 65 or older with an adjusted gross income on their most recent Alabama income tax return of $12,000 or less and a taxable income of more than $12,000 on their most recent federal tax return. Owners must renew this homestead exemption every year.
  • H3 is a homestead exemption for an owner over the age 65 as of October 1 of the tax year with a combined Federal taxable income less than $12,000 or being “Retired due to being Total and Permanently Disability.” (An H3 exempts all ad valorem taxes for property equal to or less than
    160 acres.)
  • H4 is an over 65 exemption with no income limitations.
To calculate taxes on a property, please enter the property’s appraised value, then select its property classification, tax district, and applicable exemption (if any).  










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