Annual tax lien notices mailed to delinquent tax owners

In prepration for the annual tax lien auction on May 2, 2023, notices have been mailed to all property owners whose 2022 ad valorem property taxes are delinquent. The last day for owners to pay their 2022 taxes is Monday, May 1 in the Cullman Revenue Commissioner’s office.

Owners who are redeeming the 2022 and any prior year’s taxes must pay in person at the Cullman Revenue Commissioner’s office in the Cullman County Courthouse. Other restrictions apply, so owners must contact the office prior to arriving to redeem past due taxes.

*No personal checks may be used to pay delinquent property taxes. Payments may be certified funds (cashier’s check or money order), credit or debit card. In-person payments at the Cullman County Courthouse may be cash; satellite locations cannot accept cash transactions.