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Help to save a life with a LifeSouth blood donation

LifeSouth blood centers will be onsite at the Cullman County Courthouse on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 for an emergency blood drive.   Look for the bloodmobile south of the courthouse from 10 am to 4 pm. Your gift of blood could save three lives. We hope to see you on the bus on Wednesday!

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Revenue Commissioner launches new web site

The Cullman Revenue Commissioner launched today, July 23, 2019, its new and improved website redesigned to make searching for information easier and faster than ever. Customers have long-been able to renew their car tags or to pay property taxes online, but this user-friendly interface uses images and icons that make it simple to quickly navigate…

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Revenue Commissioner warns of continued third-party scams

Third-party vendors continue to scam property owners by direct-mail and online advertising, telling them they must pay for certified copies of recorded deeds. This is FALSE. Once a property owner’s deed is recorded in the Probate office, it is stamped, and that original copy is the certified copy. Unfortunately, companies are allowed to obtain lists…

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