Vehicle renewal schedule

Ad valorem taxes are paid annually on motor vehicles. These taxes are collected when a vehicle is registered and thereafter on a monthly schedule determined by the owner’s last name. Ad valorem taxes on vehicles are delinquent and subject to penalty and interest on the first day of the month following an owner’s renewal month.

To understand when a vehicle’s ad valorem taxes are to be paid annually (after its initial registration), follow the charge below:

Renewal month/first letter of last name:

January: A and D
February: B
March: C and E
April: F, G and N
May: H and O
June: M and I
July: P and L
August: J, K and R
September: Q, S and T
October: U, V, W, X, Y and Z
Oct/Nov: National Guard, Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

The tax on vehicles is paid in advance from time of registration until the owner’s renewal month.