Vehicle renewal schedule

Ad valorem taxes are paid annually on motor vehicles. These taxes are collected when a vehicle is registered and thereafter on a monthly schedule determined by the owner’s last name. Ad valorem taxes on vehicles are delinquent and subject to penalty and interest on the first day of the month following an owner’s renewal month.

To understand when a vehicle’s ad valorem taxes are to be paid annually (after its initial registration), follow the charge below:

Renewal month/first letter of last name:

January: A and D
February: B
March: C and E
April: F, G and N
May: H and O
June: M and I
July: P and L
August: J, K and R
September: Q, S and T
October: U, V, W, X, Y and Z
Oct/Nov: National Guard, Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

The tax on vehicles is paid in advance from time of registration until the owner’s renewal month.

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    will tag renewals be mailed out so they can be renewed by mail?

  2. Lisa Rutherford

    Hello, I am calling from Toyota of Somerset in Somerset, KY. We have a customer that lives in this county and I need help with the title and registration along with the tax information. Could someone please call me back or email to help with this matter, I have tried calling several times and I am unable to get through. Thank you

    1. Darla West

      Hello, Ms. Rutherford. We will have someone to contact you shortly. What is your contact number?

  3. Angela Crumley

    Why is there not a way to renew my boat registration online?

    1. Darla West

      You would need to contact the Probate Office (256) 775-4803.

  4. Chris

    I have arranged to sell a vehicle to a relative, would like to conclude the transaction the end of the month to avoid late fees on tag. This would also include recording a mortgage on the title. with the corona virus closing, how can we get this done?

    1. Darla West

      Hi Chris — thank you for checking in with us. The Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) has extended the title and registration process deadline for an additional 20 days from the date of sale. Instead of the usual 20 days, you’ll have 40 days to complete the transaction. Until the courthouse is re-opened to the public (planned for April 6, but subject to change if needed), then the sale and lien can’t be recorded and the car registered.

      We’ll continue to post updates from ADOR as changes are known. Thank you for your patience during this uncertain time.

      Best regards,
      Darla West
      Chief Clerk
      Cullman Revenue Commission

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