**Important announcement: third-party vendors charging large fees to renew motor vehicle tags

Please be advised of third-party companies profiting by charging customers large fees to renew their motor vehicle tags.

These companies, such as ExpressRenew–whose fees start at $16.75–then use publicly available tools to renew vehicle license plates. ExpressRenew claims licensing offices are “notorious for outdated technology, long lines, and sluggish support.” None of these assertions apply to the Cullman Revenue Commission.

Don’t waste your money going through a third-party. Renewing tags online in Cullman County is an easy and quick process.

Note: a customer may be unable to renew a tag online if his or her tag is suspended by the Alabama Department of Revenue (moving or insurance violations) OR if the state requires additional information to affirm a vehicle’s value. In this case, the tag renewal notice will make note of this and advise customers to renew in-person.

ANY time you have questions, contact our office at (256) 775-4902. We are always happy to help.