Maintaining social distancing while conducting business in the Revenue Commission office

As indicated in prior posts, the Revenue Commission office is ready for customer transactions with glass/plexiglass barriers at each clerk’s desk to separate customers from staff, as well as social distancing markers on the floor to aid customers in maintaining a six-foot space between others. Staff members clean surfaces contacted by customers after each customer transaction. Employees also frequently wash their hands and keep antibacterial solution at each desk to use between customer transactions.

For contactless transactions, to the extent possible, inquiries and information may still be submitted via e-mail to, as they were in March, April, and May.  Online transactions remain available via this Revenue Commission website, and customers may contact the Revenue Office with any problems they have in executing their transactions.

Customers may also complete their transactions at any satellite location in Hanceville, Dodge City, or Baileyton.  Note: no mask is required at satellite locations, but temperatures may be taken prior to completing a customer transaction. Anyone who shows any symptoms of illness should NOT attempt to do a customer transaction at the courthouse or satellite locations.

For any questons or comments, please e-mail the Revenue Commissioner via the e-mail address indicated above. *Update July 6, 2020: From the County Commission, please read the current guidelines for entering the Cullman County Courthouse.