Online assessing for homestead exemptions now live

The Cullman Revenue Commissioner announced today the inclusion of an online option for homeowners who wish to sign up for their homesteads without traveling to an office for in-person assessing. Homeowners may claim a homestead exemption on their primary residence and up to 160 acres of contiguous property (vacant property or 2nd homes are ineligible for homestead assessments).

During the online assessing process, homeowners will be asked for their names as indicated on their respective properties, birth dates, contact information, and for owners who are age 65 or greater, taxable income information to determine special homestead values. To assess your homestead for the first time, visit the online property search page on this site at

For detailed explanations of homestead exemptions, including special information on disability or over age 65 exemptions, visit the Homestead Exemptions page of the Revenue website at