Revenue Commissioner warns of continued third-party scams

Third-party vendors continue to scam property owners by direct-mail and online advertising, telling them they must pay for certified copies of recorded deeds. This is FALSE. Once a property owner’s deed is recorded in the Probate office, it is stamped, and that original copy is the certified copy.

Unfortunately, companies are allowed to obtain lists of all recorded deeds (which is public information) and to use this information in attempts to scam property owners. Owners should never be asked to pay for information they already have: their recorded deeds.

Always disregard requests for payment for deeds or other property information. When in doubt about a letter, phone call, or online advertisement, contact the Cullman Revenue Commissioner to confirm the source of a solicitation. This office is here to help taxpayers in any way, including helping property owners to avoid being victims of deed-for-money scams. For additional information, contact this office via e-mail to or via telephone to (256) 775-4776.