Unpaid 2019 ad valorem property taxes enter delinquency period

All 2019 real and business personal property ad valorem property taxes not paid prior to the end of 2019 became delinquent on January 2, 2020.

Interest and late penalties now apply, so review your taxes due via this website prior to submitting payment for real property and business personal property taxes. (You may pay online via this website, as well.)

As previously indicated, any payment submitted via mail must have been postmarked by December 31, 2019 to be considered on time and penalty-free. Delinquent tax notices are being prepared as of January 6, 2020. Any homeowners who made payments after January 6 may also receive a delinquent tax notice. Verify your payment online via this website at https://cullmanrevenue.us/TaxPayments/Property/Search.