Use of online option for tag registration growing

In response to customer demand for online tag registration, car owners have an easy option for registering newly purchased vehicles through the Cullman Revenue Commissioner’s office. Launched in 2021, the height of the covid-19 crisis, the TagIT Registrations online tool allows each customer to upload a bill of sale, title application, driver’s license, and proof of insurance directly into the Cullman County Revenue system vs. visiting a Revenue Commissioner’s office to complete the transaction.

“Response to making this online resource available is growing,” noted Revenue Commissioner, Barry Willingham. “Customers like it because they can easily initiate the registration process within 20 days of purchase as indicated by Alabama Law.”

By actively engaging customers in their tag transactions, the online purchase option ensures customers have all documentation required for their tag purchases before ever starting the process. Customers simply scan a QR code with their smart phones to begin, or for those who prefer computer-based transactions, they may visit the Revenue Commissioner’s website at

The easy-to-navigate tool walks each customer through the required steps to payment. Once processed, all tags, registration receipts, and decals are mailed directly to each customer.

Certain rules do apply, so points to remember to include the following:

  • Online registrations are for vehicles purchased from Alabama car dealers only.
  • Registrations must be completed within 20 days of purchase per Alabama law.
  • Each registrant must create an account to initiate a vehicle registration.
    • Required are valid contact and address information.
    • Registrants must be able to upload a bill of sale, title application, driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
  • The tool may be used to purchase a new tag or to transfer an existing tag.
  • The tool is easy-to-navigate and is accessible via smart phone or computer.
  • All tags, registration receipts, and decals are mailed upon completion of the transaction by Cullman Revenue Commissioner staff members in Cullman County’s Courthouse.

For questions or comments, e-mail the Cullman Revenue Commissioner at